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Did you know that the average office worker is absent through sickness for nearly 7 days every year. That’s almost a week and a third that’s unproductive. Scaled up across the country, this equates to a staggering 190 million lost working days.

At Health in Check, we’ve devised a range of easy-to-implement, preventative measures that can offer support – on anything from overcoming stress to improving nutritional intake. We can help if you are experiencing aches and pains caused by heavy lifting or physical exertion, or simply from sitting too long in an office chair, glued to a computer screen.

We can help you or your staff to be better prepared to cope with stress, muscular discomfort, feeling unwell or de-motivation.

Unlocking the route to wellness is a journey well worth taking. We can guide you on that path and keep you heading in the right direction.

Healthy Programmes harness Productive Results

As an employer or team leader, the concept of wellness in the workplace can be confusing. How does wellbeing relate to your industry and your workforce? Where do you start?

At Health In Check, we’ve devised a series of wellbeing programmes and healthcare solutions, specific to the needs of different types and style of organisation.

Across a range of industry sectors, we can provide the support and guidance you and your team need to improve the health (and morale) of your staff.


For large businesses with over 250 employees

Improving wellbeing in your workplace could be a game changer

Prioritising the health and happiness of your staff is an integral element to business success – especially given that so many employees devote most of their waking hours to work. We have everything you need to instigate an effective wellbeing strategy in your business – for today and looking ahead to the future.

Setting an effective strategy

Given the demands on your time, we understand that implementing an effective wellbeing strategy can sound daunting. But it needn’t.

At Health in Check, we know what it takes to support large scale employers in promoting good health in the workplace.

We are used to working with teams or departments in a considerate, inclusive but non-disruptive way. This may be through arranging on-site mini health checks for staff, lunchtime workshops advising on subjects such as diet and nutrition, as well as exercise. Tips, techniques and sound health advice.

It is important to support your staff holistically by encouraging engagement in a more active lifestyle or helping with more sensitive issues around mental health. This can not only provide individual fulfilment but also to lead to effective team bonding.

You would be surprised how time efficient and cost-effective these measures can be.


You’d be surprised how significant emotional wellbeing and happiness at work actually is. Recent UK research, involving 700 employees, identified a 12% rise in output when these magic ingredients are involved

Working in the manufacturing industry can be hard work – physically and mentally.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) rank as the most prevalent cause of work-related injuries and sickness in this sector.

Stress, too, is a big problem, accounting for over a quarter of all work-related ill-health.

Days off work and loss of productivity cost British industry hundreds of millions of pounds every year. If you have staff repeatedly off work, or absent for extended periods due to health issues, this can have a serious impact on your business: bad for productivity, bad for morale.

The welcome news is that much of this is preventable. Taking a pro-active approach to physical and emotional well-being is the most effective way to keep employees fit for work. This has to be positive for both the business and individual staff members. A healthy and content workforce results in higher productivity and reduced absenteeism. Your staff will appreciate your concern for their wellbeing, too.

Our results show that, by taking a tailor-made, preventative approach to wellbeing in the workplace, it could help prevent a series of health related issues down the line.


Working in construction can be physically demanding. That’s why being in good physical condition is paramount.

Latest HSE figures show that in 2018 there were 82,000 work-related ill health cases in the sector, of which 62% were musculoskeletal disorders. At the same, this is an industry which is rife with mental health concerns. Stress and depression are major issues accounting for around a quarter of all ill health in construction – double the national average.

Depression in its most severe form can be a life threatening condition. Data from the Office for National Statistics has revealed that construction workers are 60% more likely than the national average to die from suicide. But it isn’t widely spoken about and is often invisible. Left untreated or unrecognised only exacerbates the problem.

At Health In Check, we have a track record of working with companies in the construction sector, liaising closely with employers and occupational health to help overcome any underlying health issues – both physical and stress-related – and to mitigate against them happening in the first place.

A balanced and targeted approach to well-being is the most cost effective way to prevent health issues occurring and to maintain a healthy and motivated workforce.

If you are working in a high pressure environment in the field of construction, talk to us today about taking effective measures to ensure the wellness of your employees.

Health Professionals

Even health professionals need support when it comes to mental and physical health well-being

Working in health care is demanding –not only in dealing with stressful situations, but often it also involves anti-social hours, which have to be juggled around other commitments.

We are here to support mental health and help you keep stress under control, so that you can maintain a sensible work/life balance.

For enhanced physical health, we run workshops on subjects such as nutrition and obesity and how the effects of being overweight and having a poor diet can impact on health and cause Type 2 Diabetes.

This isn’t just designed to help individual healthcare workers – this is also important information and recommendations that you can pass on to the people who are under your care.

Whether you are a doctor or nurse, working in the NHS or private practice, we can assist you with a wellbeing programme, to help prevent burn out and to keep your mind and body in equilibrium.

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