Success Stories

It was a pleasure to have you over on Saturday and everyone seemed to enjoy your session. Once again, thank you very much for this service and we look forward to a continuing relationship.

A. Atinuke Sobola

Company Secretary/HR

Abi was absolutely amazing! She was very personable, warm, kind, patient, knowledgeable, and organised. She was very clear and open about what she offers, how the process works, and offered any recommendations about any following steps, if need be. Members of WeWork gave very positive feedback – they appreciated the fact that they could have a check up that didn’t require a lot of time taken out of their day, or even having to leave the office! I would highly recommend Abi to any company, big or small.

We would love to have you in again in the future, and I will also spread your information out on our Events group chat to all of the other buildings in London.

Thank you so much again Abi!

Natalie Grinnell

Community Associate - WeWork

The physical Health screening was a huge success. So many staff have come to me to ask when we will be doing this again.

Those that were seen reported feeling this was such a benefit for them and really appreciated the advice given to them

Jo Pollock

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.