Mini-Health Check & Prevention

When your phone isn’t working quickly enough you reset the settings. When you restart your computer it boosts performance and runs quicker. We are quick to respond to inanimate objects than we are to our own body. Our on-site mini health check can detect physical health problems that require medical treatment or intervention. It also provides peace of mind that all is well with your body.

Why choose mini-health check?

Appreciating employees goes beyond paying a salary or increasing their pay. Employees want to feel appreciated, valued and cared for. One of the ways companies can show this is by investing in health and wellbeing initiatives. People spend a lot of time at work, some even spend a significant amount of this time sitting. A sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition and stress can lead to things like type 2 diabetes. It’s important to make sure that any potential problem is detected and treated early before it escalates to a more serious issue.

What is involved in a mini-health Check?

We provide an on-site service which comprises of a confidential health chat and mini-health screen with immediate results.

Results to be written for employees on a record card supplied and popped into a Wellman or Wellwoman booklet.

All results are confidential and given to the employee only.

How will the mini-health check help you?

  • Healthy employees are more productive and engaged
  • Reduce your risk of getting sick
  • Detect underlying health problems early
  • Increase the chances for treatment and cure
  • Minimal downtime so no disruption to work
  • Convenient way to keep on top of health and wellbeing
  • Follow up sessions will help employees measure their progress

Claim your complimentary Mini-Health Check

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