Lifestyle Check

Public health research state that with the increased engagement in shift work and an ageing workforce, there is an increase in the progression of chronic diseases as a result of poor or inadequate nutrition, irregular eating habits, poor or reduced sleep and adverse health behaviours such as smoking and increased alcohol consumption. For any company to thrive it’s employees must thrive physically and mentally.

Why choose Lifestyle Check?

If you want to run and maintain a successful and profitable business/organisation/company you can’t afford to lose key talent to burnout. The chances are if you work long hours, don’t get enough sleep, have a really bad diet and lack good work-life balance your body will start sending warning signals, and if ignored it can lead to a full on break down. A car will not work with the wrong fuel. It needs the right fuel. Your body also needs the right fuel and environment to work effectively. We understand that life gets in the way and work can sometimes get hectic, and that’s why we have come up with evidenced based strategies that help you unlearn bad habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

How will the Lifestyle Check help you?

  • Empowered to make better health choices
  • Discover easier ways to perform daily tasks such as meal prep
  • Learn simple yet effective ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine
  • Learn and share tips on subjects such as nutrition or weight loss/management in an interactive and non-judgemental environment
  • Regain your zest for life
  • Be around a lot longer for those who love and need you