About Us

Nurses and wellbeing experts

Health in Check was founded by Abigail Morakinyo, a registered nurse, and the company has since grown to work with several other nurses and health and wellbeing experts.

Health in Check is early detection, prevention and intervention health service. We provide a full onsite service for companies to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

We work with HR teams who want to help their employees work better, take control of their physical and mental health and prevent health problems.

Why we do what we do

Majority of us here at Health in Check have worked in the NHS or other highly stressful industries, so we understand and know the impact stress can have to the mind and body and how that affects productivity. Overtime stress that has not been dealt with promptly or properly can lead to health problems that require time off sick short and even long term.

To have the required and useful knowledge and expertise to help people in the workplace detect potential health problems such as high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes and provide the necessary intervention and solution is something that gives us fulfillment. We have worked with smaller companies who don’t have occupational health and their employees are just so happy to be able to talk to someone who isn’t a part of the workplace. We have also worked with larger companies where employees don’t have the luxury of taking time off from work to get a health check up.

We are not just a business but a movement, empowering the workforce to live happier healthier and productive lives.

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