We work with HR teams to deliver expert health and wellbeing programs in the workplace to manage stress and prevent avoidable health problems. (Such at Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure)

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Here is how we can help you

Stress at work

  • Are you unhappy at work, and find that you’re taking that stress home with you?
  • Do you need to strike a better work-life balance so you can be more productive at work and outside of work?
  • Are you losing sleep as a result of work stress?
  • Do you find stress is impacting on your physical health, causing you muscle aches and pains which affects your ability to carry out your job effectively?

Mini-Health Check & Prevention

  • Is sickness and absence still a major headache in your workplace?
  • Is maintaining a motivated workforce challenging?
  • Would you like to help your employees to make better health choices and lower the risk of lifestyle related diseases that can have a negative impact on personal and work-life?
  • Are you looking to organise or implement an employee health and wellbeing program but unsure of where or how to start?

Lifestyle check

  • I sit at my desk for the best part of the day, only getting up for a drink or the bathroom but I’m aware it can’t be great for my mental or physical health.
  • I would like to do something about my weight as diabetes and heart disease runs in my family but I just don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals.
  • I’m trying to make healthier choices but work is getting in the way and that’s really frustrating for me.
  • I need a good work-life balance.

Wellbeing workshops

  • You want to motivate your employees to drink more water, improve concentration and performance.
  • You want to promote positive wellbeing in your workplace to reduce stress and promote better Mental Health.
  • You want a more energized workforce
  • You want to help employees manage stress more effectively.

Here is what my clients are saying

It was a pleasure to have you over on Saturday and everyone seemed to enjoy your session. Once again, thank you very much for this service and we look forward to a continuing relationship.

A. Atinuke Sobola

Company Secretary/HR

Abi was absolutely amazing! She was very personable, warm, kind, patient, knowledgeable, and organised. She was very clear and open about what she offers, how the process works, and offered any recommendations about any following steps, if need be. Members of WeWork gave very positive feedback – they appreciated the fact that they could have a check up that didn’t require a lot of time taken out of their day, or even having to leave the office! I would highly recommend Abi to any company, big or small.

We would love to have you in again in the future, and I will also spread your information out on our Events group chat to all of the other buildings in London.

Thank you so much again Abi!

Natalie Grinnell

Community Associate - WeWork

The physical Health screening was a huge success. So many staff have come to me to ask when we will be doing this again.

Those that were seen reported feeling this was such a benefit for them and really appreciated the advice given to them

Jo Pollock

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

Claim your complimentary Mini-Health Check

To claim your complimentary mini-health check click on the button below and then enter your details.